Properties of tea

Has it ever happened that on friendly occasions, when you want to have another cup of tea, others forbid you to drink it? Although indulging in anything can have negative effects, drinking another cup of tea is not as bad as everyone thinks.

Like most Iranians, I love a cup of first-class tea; Although if I do not drink tea one morning, the sky will not fall to the ground, but I always enjoy drinking tea and I am eager to drink tea first thing in the morning.

When it comes to herbal drinks, whether green tea or black tea, doctors’ advice should never be ignored, as each may have different effects on different people. In fact, it all depends on the physical condition of the person consuming the food. At the same time, various studies show that drowning in the pleasure of drinking one or two cups of black tea a day can be a good choice and will not harm our health.

As you probably know, black and green tea are both herbal products called Camellia Sinesis, which are processed in two different ways. In addition to drying, lightening and heating the leaves, black tea is fermented before the final heating process.

Join us, in this article we want to talk to you about the benefits of drinking one or two cups of black tea, this hot, hearty and popular drink of us Iranians. It is better to drink this popular drink without additives such as sugar or sugar to enjoy the properties of black tea.

1. Helps with oral health

2. Helps to have a better heart

3. Tea is an antioxidant

4. Helps prevent cancer

5. It is useful for bone health

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