About Us

About us

Royan Fardad Food Industries Company was established in 1996 in order to operate in the field of foreign trade. In 1383 (2004), along with trade, due to the experience of the company’s managers in terms of production, they started their activities in order to establish a tea processing and packaging factory with the brand name “Royal”.  Using more than 50 experienced workers and more than 20 products with a range of national, regional and international activities, Royal Products strives to provide suitable products to consumers along with technological changes and changes in society’s lifestyle.


Hand-picked tea

The best quality tea

Quality packaging

“Dr. Reza Aslani”, investor and reviver of Royal Tea Company, has been engaged in tea trading since 2016. Initially, he made major changes to the product line and relocated staff. In 1383-95, in the early days of the company, the lack of previous management of the factory caused the factory to go bankrupt, but with the efforts of the new group with new leadership and management, it is hoped that the past shortcomings will be compensated.